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The chronicles of MINSK AUTOMOBILE PLANT start from the first partisan groups that came on July 16, 1944 in order to restore the auto maintenance workshops, from the decree of the State committee of defense dated August 1944 about the creation of a vehicle assembly plant in Minsk. The country was giving everything it could for the creation of the future first-born of Belarusian automobile industry. And already in October 1947 the first five MAZ trucks were assembled there. 



First MAZ-205 trucks that drove out of the plant's gates at the end of October 1947 just announced the birth of Belarusian automobile industry. In order that Minsk trucks appear at country's building sites faster the plant was to be built at the pace dictated by the times. Already at the end of 1948 the building of the first and in 1950 of the second stage was finished. In the result in the same 1948 it was possible to organize a full-scale production of automobiles and when the construction was over to achieve and even to exceed the planned production capacities. In 1951 the plant produced 25 000 vehicles against the planned 15 000. And not only was the quantity of the trucks increasing. The trucks not known to the world automobile industry appeared in the result of constructors' search. The first world 40- ton dump-truck MAZ-530 was marked with the top prize “Grand-Prix” at the World Industrial Exhibition in Brussels in October 1958.



In November 1958 there was an event at the plant that predetermined its future development greatly: the samples of MAZ-500 and MAZ-503 trucks that were to replace MAZ-200 trucks of the first family were assembled. But the way to new automobiles was not easy. It requested both time and energy. As well there were difficult engineering solutions, thorough tests of new vehicles, reconstruction of the production ahead. And all the tasks set were implemented by people working at the plant. December 31, 1965 the last MAZ-205 dump-truck of the first MAZ family left the assembly line and took place on the pedestal of the monument dedicated to first MAZes. The plant completely switched to the production of MAZ-500 family trucks successfully increasing their production. In 1966 there came the first award onto the enterprise's banner. It was the order of Lenin. And in 1971 the factory gained the order of the October Revolution.



The 70-s were the years of accelerated renewal of the vehicles produced. Already in September 1970 the production of modernized MAZ-500A trucks began and in March 1976 the first dump-truck MAZ-5549 from the new family of MAZ-5335 left the assembly line.  Trucks and truck tractors constructed in the 70-s  on the basis of 4-axis all-wheel drive chassis became indispensable helpers for oilmen, geologists and builders during the process of exploration of hard-to-reach regions of Siberia and Middle Asia. In 1977 the factory got its third high award. That was the second order of Lenin. Early 80-s were marked for the factory by an important event. May 19, 1981 the first fifth-wheel  truck tractor MAZ-5432 of the new MAZ-6422 perspective family of trucks and road trains was assembled on the main line. And less than in two years, April 16, 1983  the 1000th truck of that MAZ family was assembled. The production of new vehicles continued to grow. April 14, 1989 the 1000000th was produced. It turned out to be MAZ-64221 fifth-wheel truck tractor. The factory was preparing a wide production of three-axle fifth-wheel  truck tractors. At the end of 80th the prototype of famous MAZ-2000 “Perestrojka” concept car was created.



In 1996, having successfully passed acceptance and operational testing in fleets of the Republic of Belarus, the new model line of MAZ-5440 was recommended for serial production. March 11, 1997 the first main-line truck tractor of new MAZ-54421 family left the assembly line of Minsk Automobile Plant. At the end of 1997 MAZ-54402 and MAZ-544021 trucks were assembled. They were totally up to all the European requirements set for heavy-load automobiles for international transportations.



Minsk Automobile Plant that always played an important role in economical development of Republics of the former Soviet Union keeps on providing the needs of the Republic of Belarus and other countries of CIS in heavy-duty vehicles. Minsk Automobile Plant attracts well-deserved interest of foreign partners as well. December 10, 1997 Director General of PO “BelavtoMAZ” Valentin GURINOVICH, chairman of the board of “MAN” trust (city of Munich, Germany) Klaus SCHUBERT and Director General of “Lada-OMC Holding” Aleksej Vaganov signed an agreement on creation of the “MAZ-MAN” Belarusian-German Joint Venture for production of heavy automobiles and the charter of the enterprise being created. As well the documents about creation of Joint Venture “MAZ-MAN Trading” for selling the production manufactured were signed. The difference between that project and other CIS projects in automobile building industry was that the share of Belarusian units and parts in the production made by the Joint Venture would not be less than 60%. “MAZ-MAN” project became an important step for Belarus-made automobiles for international transportations to be competitive with the leading world brands on CIS markets.



In February 2006 a unique for domestic manufacturers airfield bus MAZ 171 was produced. It was specially intended for passenger transportation at airports. In 2007 MAZ 171 was granted a prize at the exhibition “The best bus of the year in Russia”. The exhibition was organized by the chief editor of “Commercial vehicles” magazine Aleksandr Solntsev.



Minsk Automobile Plant is one of the oldest and biggest automobile plants within CIS. Heavy trucks form the main part of plant production but other vehicles like buses, trailers and special vehicles are also produced here.


In May 2007a motor rally was organized together with “GAZ” group on Minsk-Novosibirsk route. The race route continuing down to about 5 thousand kilometers lay on the territory of four federal districts of the Russian Federation. Minsk Automobile Plant vehicles successfully passed the tests adapting to various kinds of landscape, temperature and meteorological conditions. The main purpose of the race is the familiarization of customers with base serial production samples of MAZ vehicles meeting requirements of Euro-3 standards. A wide range of service and operating organizations were not only able to get acquainted with the new products but also got comprehensive information directly from the manufactures.


In May 2007 Minsk Automobile Plant released the first bus meeting requirements of Euro-4 ecological standards. This is a low-floor city bus МАZ 203 076 equipped with 2013 Deutz engine. The driver’s workplace was renewed. The cabin was improved: the front door became wider making passengers loading and unloading more convenient. The crowding pen became more spacious, the interior was renewed. The bus was fitted with information system and hauling equipment for people with disabilities.


In August 2007 Minsk Automobile Plant received approval of vehicle type from an interindustry foundation “Certification of automobile transportation САТR” according to which an optional installation of JSC “Yaroslavl-Avtodisel” engine including “YaMZ-650.10” is possible on the trucks meeting requirements of Euro-3 ecological standard. Previously the plant assembled the trucks only with imported engines of Euro-3 standard.



In April 2008 Minsk Automobile Plant started a serial production of a fifth-wheel tractor МАZ-644019 of Euro-4 ecological standard. Daimler AG OM501 LA.IV/4, V6 engine with a capacity of 320 kW (435 h.p.) is installed on it providing MAZ trucks with sufficient dynamic qualities and fuel efficiency and taking a substantial position on a level with current foreign analogues. When creating a truck special attention was paid to safety and providing a comfortable driver’s workplace.


The interior of the cabin was not neglected either. Electrical machinery and electronic systems were substantially improved. At this rate the new road train of Minsk Automobile Plant has embodied the best achievements of present-day automobile production in terms of design, comfort and safety level, ecology, technical and operational parameters.


In September 2008 Minsk Automobile Plant presented the first vehicle equipped with the newest engine that works on compressed natural gas. МАZ-534003 drop-side truck with a gas-power engine is the result of the co-project between Minsk Automobile Plant and the authorized dealer of RUE “MAZ” in the Czech Republic JSC “Trado “Holding”. The works on the engine with pollution-free fuel have been conducted during the last three years. A 6 cylinder V-shaped gas-power engine “TEDOM” made in the Czech Republic of Euro-4 ecological standard has been installed on the truck.



In February 2009 RUE “Minsk Automobile Plant” was reorganized into a Joint Stock Company.


In March 2009 in Kragujevac, Serbia a presentation of 203 MAZ bus equipped with the engine working on compressed natural gas was held. For the first time a gas-power engine was installed on a MAZ bus. Besides, the space frame was produced at Minsk Automobile Plant and exported to Serbia, where “Vulovich Transport” company installed on it a gas power engine meeting requirements of Euro-4 standard with a capacity of 285 h.p.


In May 2009 Minsk Automobile Plant produced a jubilee 10 000th MAZ bus. It was a middle class low-floor bus MAZ 206. Bus production at Minsk Automobile Plant was started up in 1993. In 2000 the 1 000th bus was assembled. It was MAZ 106 and as early as in 2006 the 5 000th MAZ bus was produced which was a tourist coach MAZ 251.


In October 2009 Minsk Automobile Plant created a new model of the second generation MAZ 205 bus. It is an articulated low-floor bus of an extra large class designed for passenger transportation on busy city routes. The bus was shown to Byelorussian journalists for the first time on the 7th of October in 2009.To a wide audience the model was presented at an International specialized exhibition «BUSWORLD EUROPE-2009».MAZ 205 bus has embodied the most recent developments in the field of design, comfort, safety, and economical efficiency.



In April 2010 a tractor МАZ-5440А9 was pronounced the winner of “The best truck of the year in Russia” event which was hold under the International specialized exhibition “Comtrans-2010”. Fighting for this title MAZ bested the trucks of the world-famous producers Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, KamAZ, and Ural.